Public and private companies, law firms and regulators need to be prepared to deal with all types of disputes. Around the world, K.K. Diwan provides clear, reliable and objective advice to courts, tribunals and parties to disputes and their legal advisors in matters ranging from discovery and investigation to expert witness testimony and quantification of damages. Our trusted, senior experts have proven track records in international arbitration and dispute resolution consultations. We support global clients in dealing with all types of disputes, including international public law claims and complex commercial and regulatory disputes requiring industry-specific knowledge.

Our mission is to provide independent, authoritative expert witness testimony and advice. We provide information about all phases of the case and provide unique approaches to the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Whatever is necessary for your specific situation, we help determine if a situation is defensible, test theories, evaluate strategies, determine the amount of damage, and anticipate opposing arguments and their Criticize. We simplify the case with in-depth analysis, expert witness testimony and persuasive visual presentations.

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